I'm an actress, writer and director. Science-fiction is my jam. If Close Encounters of the Third Kind could marry Annihilation, I would be officiating their wedding.


The Victorian College of the Arts is my alma-mater. I hold a Bachelor of Dramatic Art -- that's 3 years on intensive acting and theatre-making training in Melbourne, Australia.

Recent works include:

My Instagram is now helmed by KIRA, a virtual AI from 2079. KIRA is a character from my sci-fi play RHIZOME. This story takes place in a 2075 government controlled virtual reality society called I-TOPIA. When an I-TOPIAN takes off her VR headset, she discovers she's the only living person on Earth. See how the story unfolds on a social media platform... Click here.

Exhuming Exhuming Johnny is a reunion piece of the cast and creative team of 2019 Exhuming Johnny through surrogates in Glasgow. (In other words, I wrote about my role in Exhuming Johnny and a performer in Glasgow embodied it. Talk about meta. Learn more here)

iRona Diaries, a quarantine short film made on my iPhone. It chronicles my life in quarantine and competed in Audpop's Curbside Shorts Festival in May 2020.

Click here to watch.

The Event, a quarantine comedy I wrote for a 24 hour writing challenge: a New York couple attempts their new unemployed quarantine schedule--only Francis gets distracted by all those conspiracy theories. The Event premiered on Zoom, part of Exquisite Corpse Company's "Site" Specific Festival in March 2020.

Birth of a Pomegranate, a sci-fi short film I wrote and starred in. The story follows hearing impaired Quinn after she receives an otherworldly call. Hold on to your dimension. Directed by Liv Colliander.

Exhuming Johnny, a speculative sci-fi physical theatre I performed in and co-devised. This play was a response to Goat Island's Can't Take Johnny to the Funeral that was featured in We Discovered the Performance By Making It Exhibition, part of 2019 Year of Chicago Theatre. Directed by Robert Walton. Click here to learn more.

based in los angeles // tongva land


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