Growing up in Portland, I felt like I had the best of both worlds living on a small suburban farm just twenty minutes from the city center. When I wasn’t performing in community musical theatre, I was playing in my backyard with huge pine trees or spending time with my dog, goats, llamas and horse. I would spend time looking up at the stars wondering, “why are we here?” 


Flash forward to today in Los Angeles, I’m continuing the balancing act with my spirituality and my storytelling, while having more fun with it. My storytelling as an actor, film and theatre maker dives deep into science fiction, mysticism, mystery and the feminine divine. As a breathwork practitioner, I create and hold spaces for others to dive deep into their conscious and release stored emotional trauma. In a way, my storytelling and breathwork facilitating isn’t different from each other. The intention of each is to heal our collective wounds, connect back to our true essence free from conditioning, and to spark cosmic magic.Email:

"The universe is within you, everything you seek you already are"