Breathwork is a transformative and deep healing meditation. Utilizing an active three part breath meditation sustained for about 20-25 minutes and then followed by a deep relaxation, this technique releases tension and stuck emotions and energies and stimulates the vagus nerve. The vagus nerve turns off our fight or flight mode, allowing our hearts to open and dive deep in our pure concsciouness. Breathe in your truest you.

When I moved to Los Angeles in 2016, I had the gut feeling that I needed to learn to read tarot cards. (I became OBSESSED with tarot in the previous year). When I had a tarot reading on my Saturn Return birthday a week later, my reader confirmed that my guides were aware of my “psychic awakening.” Since then, I’ve been reading tarot and began exploring different methodologies of spiritual healing. I came upon Scott Schwenk’s Ecstatic Breathwork at Wanderlust Hollywood in 2017. This class changed everything for me: it was the first time I felt my pure conscious self, free from energetic attachments, free from emotional trauma. All from my own breath! I was amazed and hooked. After purposefully putting my spiritual growth first in the last year, I healed body trauma, specifically my heavy periods through plant medicine and homeopathy, I apprenticed under a Chumash shaman, and I created space to call in my hearts desire. And then my intuition told me it was time to combine my passion for tarot with breathwork meditation. All of this, I wouldn’t have had the space for without practicing this work. Now that I’ve completed Scott Schwenk’s teacher training, “The Power of Presence,” I’m so excited to continue breathwork for myself and our community; to help fellow humans make space for their true essence, their true cosmic self.

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Making space for your true essence and cosmic self