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Inner Story Healing


This is a building space where the power of storytelling, mindfulness and healing arts intersect. 

Stories shape us. Stories inspire us. Stories create new ideas, new perspectives, empathy and then unleash more stories. There are countless times when a story helped me discover my power and heal my wounds. And then there’s the reverse when an experience, whether challenging or transformative, birth new stories out of me. Whether it’s fiction, a memoir, podcast, film, legend or our everyday life—stories are the foundation of being human.

The spine of Inner Story Healing is to connect to our own story through mindfulness and creativity. I love The Hero’s Journey because it reminds me I am the hero and author of my life. We can step into our power, bravery and unconditional love to move through life’s challenges and unleash our inner hero.


My offers in the form of:

  • Breathwork Meditation

  • Tarot Readings

  • Group Meditations and workshops

  • Youth Storytelling + Mindfulness Programs (coming soon)


I'm a storyteller, not only in my art but in my practice.

Over the last decade, I've cultivated the craft of leading creative projects, teaching drama, facilitating Breathwork healings, meditation and Tarot card readings. All of these modalities require active listening, leadership skills--and of course, storytelling. From individual sessions to group workshops and as an online presence, I create a space to hold space for our stories, no matter what chapter in life we're at.

Bringing mindfulness and empowerment to our story brings us back home. It is in the place we can release emotional blocks, expand our hearts and ignite our inner hero. In my group and private sessions, I don't heal you--I support and hold a safe, sacred and creative space for you. Your courage does all the work.

Liberate Yourself, Integrative Wellness Leaders, and WellSet are a few platforms I've facilitated group meditations. Currently, I'm only available for privates. Workshops and a podcast are coming... Let's breathe and be brave together.

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Marble Surface

"I’ve been doing Breathwork with Jean for a several months and have several more to go. What I love is that Jean was able to create a one on one structure with me to really help me go deep. I do a lot of transformational work but a lot of it had to do with my head. Everything was intellectual and learning and I knew I had to unlearn and let my body take the wheel. With Breathwork with Jean, I was really able to release emotions—ones that I knew were there and others I didn’t know were there. They were able to move through my body and get fully cleared out so I had space to receive positive messaging, space to receive insights,  intuition and creativity. Jean is such a wonderful companion and guide for all. She holds a safe container, even virtually since I’m states and states away. I would highly recommend Jean to go deep in your Breathwork and your journey."

-Steph W

Waterfall in nature


Breathwork is a rhythmic breathing that activates the vagus nerve. That's the nerves that controls our "fight or flight." When it's stimulated, the body is called to relax and destress. Breathwork not only puts your mind and body in a deeply relaxed state, but it may also put you in a state of non-ordinary reality. This ancient healing modality originates from various indigenous practices all over the world and has been practiced for centuries.

The version of Breathwork I facilitate derives from Stanislav Groff's Holotropic Breathwork and I was trained by Scott Schwenk. This technique releasees stuck emotions and trauma in the body and refreshes our inner story.


  • Private Breathwork Sessions in person or via ZOOM

    1 hr

    165 US dollars
  • 1 hr 30 min

    265 US dollars
  • A visual guide to see where your energy is at and where its going

    45 min

    115 US dollars
  • 1 hr

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