When our hearts are open, we connect with our authentic selves. We're free from self-limiting beliefs,  free from conditioning from our family of origins and society, free from operating from past traumas. My heart healing services get back to that true place. I help you to awaken and expand your heart and tap into your true desires and dreams.


I offer these heart healings in the form of:

  • Breathwork 

  • Tarot Readings

  • Intuitive Spiritual Coaching

  • Group Meditations

Here's that small question, again: “why are we here?” I asked this all the time to the stars ever since I could remember. Little did I know how this would all connect years later. When I moved to Los Angeles, I had the gut feeling that I needed to learn to read tarot cards. (I became OBSESSED with tarot while living in New York). When I had a tarot reading on my Saturn Return birthday a week later, my reader confirmed that my guides were aware of my “psychic awakening.” Since then, I’ve been reading tarot and began exploring different methodologies of spiritual healing. I came upon Scott Schwenk’s Ecstatic Breathwork at Wanderlust Hollywood in 2017. This class changed everything for me: it was the first time I felt my pure conscious self, free from energetic attachments, free from emotional trauma. All from my own breath! I was amazed and hooked. After purposefully putting my spiritual growth first, I healed body trauma, specifically my heavy periods through plant medicine and homeopathy, I apprenticed under a Chumash shaman, and completed Scott Schwenk’s breathwork teacher training, “The Power of Presence.” Now, I utilize my empathic and intuitive gifts through breathwork, meditation, tarot and coaching to bring my client’s intuition and empowerment to the forefront. I then connected the dots from my childhood question of, “why are we here?” I know now we’re here to live, to be our true cosmic self.

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Making space for your true self