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healing services

When our hearts are open, we connect with our authentic selves. We're free from self-limiting beliefs, from family and societal conditioning, from trauma triggers. My services get back to that true place. I create a container for you to awaken and expand your heart; tap into your true desires and dreams.


I offer these heart healings in the form of:

  • Breathwork Meditation

  • Tarot Readings

  • Group Meditations

  • Youth Storytelling + Mindfulness Programs (coming soon)

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 about your practioner 

Here's that small question, again: “why are we here?” I asked this to the stars ever since I could remember. Little did I know how this would all connect years later. 


When I moved to Los Angeles, I had the gut feeling that I needed to read tarot cards. A tarot reader confirmed that call, too. Since then, I’ve been practicing tarot -- a storytelling healing modality -- and began exploring different healing methodologies. Scott Schwenk’s Ecstatic Breathwork class was one of them.


This ancient breathing technique released emotional trauma and welcomed my pure conscious self. All. From. My. Own. Breath. Two years later, I completed Scott Schwenk’s “The Power of Presence” Breathwork teacher training in conjunction with apprenticing under a Chumash healer.


Breathwork, meditation, tarot cards and practicing gratitude to the Earth brings us back home. It releases emotional blocks, expands our hearts and ignites our intuition. In my sessions, I don't heal you--I support and hold a safe, sacred space for you. Your breath does all the work. It's you, who sets you free. 

Liberate Yourself, Integrative Wellness Leaders, and WellSet are a few platforms I've facilitated group meditations. Currently, I'm only available for privates. Let's breathe and read together.

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"I’ve been doing Breathwork with Jean for a several months and have several more to go. What I love is that Jean was able to create a one on one structure with me to really help me go deep. I do a lot of transformational work but a lot of it had to do with my head. Everything was intellectual and learning and I knew I had to unlearn and let my body take the wheel. With Breathwork with Jean, I was really able to release emotions—ones that I knew were there and others I didn’t know were there. They were able to move through my body and get fully cleared out so I had space to receive positive messaging, space to receive insights,  intuition and creativity. Jean is such a wonderful companion and guide for all. She holds a safe container, even virtually since I’m states and states away. I would highly recommend Jean to go deep in your Breathwork and your journey."

-Steph W



  • Private Breathwork Sessions in person or via ZOOM

    1 hr

    165 US dollars
  • 1 hr 30 min

    265 US dollars
  • A visual guide to see where your energy is at and where its going

    45 min

    115 US dollars
  • 1 hr